Orquesta Infinidad was what I hoped for in a Salsa band Pedro, the director of the band and his wife Maria, came three hours early to set up like he said he would and the other band members arrived one by one with a smile on their faces. In my opinion it’s a sign of a good team of friends ready to play good music and have a good time. The party was a huge success. The band was accommodating when one of the guest wanted to sing with them and they also gave us the microphone to allow the birthday girl, my 100 year old grandmother, to sing a couple of songs. The band was professional and gracious and everyone loved them. They did a wonderful job! I’m so grateful and happy at how special my grandmothers one hundredth birthday party turned out. Many of my family and friends asked who they were and Pedro gave us a few business cards. Thank you Orquesta Infinidad for putting on an incredible show. Forever grateful. Patty Reviewer: Patricia Reeves Event Date: April 28th, 2019 Services Provided: Salsa Band Rating: 5.0 Stars   ” - Patricia Reeves

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